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Teeshub T Shirts – Size Guide

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The Most Important consideration, when it comes to buying Tshirt.

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1. What you should know about Teeshub Sizes ?

Ans. We delivery regular fit ultra-soft t shirt across India. Our fittings are regular fit, that means it fits neither too loose, nor too tight. Our t shirts are also ultra-soft, made keeping in mind the hot Indian Summer. Our family grows every minute with every purchase because we consider all of you as an integral part of our family. So just flaunt your favorite teeshub t shirt and spread smile 🙂

2. What are the sizes in inches ?
  • S (Small) – 38 inches
  • M (medium) – 40 inches
  • L (large) – 42 inches
  • XL (extra large) – 44 inches
  • XXL (extra extra large) – 46 inches
3. How can I contact for further information ?

Ans. You can email us your requirements or call us, we also have a whatsapp helpdesk number. We are just one call away to resolve your fittings issue.

You can also text us on Fabebook. To get exciting offers and discount.

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India’s Top Selling Tshirts


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